Professional tree risk assessment is a vital part of the maintenance of your landscape as the process helps to reduce risks posed by large trees and can protect your property and family.

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    Entrusting the safety audit of your tree to Ridgeline Tree Service is a wise decision, as we have ISA-certified arborists on staff and employ a stringent approach in identifying structural weaknesses in your trees.


    Benefits of Tree Risk Assessment

    Diagnosing and mitigating hidden decay, structural weaknesses and diseases in trees can effectively extend their life while minimizing hazards caused by aging trees.

    The risk of your property sustaining serious damage can also be lowered when potential hazards are spotted early on, and effective treatment – such as removal or trimming – is applied. At Ridgeline Tree Service, we place a great deal of importance on our clients’ safety.


    Ridgeline Tree Service’s highly skilled arborists in Richmond, VA will carefully examine your tree/trees for potentially dangerous cracks in trunks or branches, damaged root systems, and other signs that could lead to tree failure and property damage if left alone.

    Our diagnostic practices and years of experience put us at the forefront of the industry. With an eye for detail and careful study of your tree, it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of a catastrophic tree failure.


    Ridgeline Tree Service adheres closely to the official guidelines for Tree Risk Assessment and Management Arrangement of an ‘Area Basis’ and a ‘Tree Basis’ mandated by the US Government. We have made it a priority to spot and identify potentially hazardous problems, such as:

    • Cracks in tree trunks
    • Damaged or weakened root structures
    • Weak, infected and hanging branches
    • Hollow or decayed tree areas

    If identified early on – most of these problems can be corrected or mitigated with techniques, such as reduction pruning, cabling and bracing, and tree or branch removal. Your trees will have a much better chance surviving negative weather conditions if proper precautions are taken in time. That’s what we are here for.

    At Ridgeline Tree Service, we save you unnecessary hassle and expense through proactive monitoring of your large trees. Get in touch with us today for a free field visit, and our team of experienced arborists can assess your landscape and provide you with an action plan for your trees’ health and safety.