Richmond Tax Preparers For Your 2017 Tax Returns

No one likes tax season – it isn’t fun, it takes a long time, and it can sometimes be extremely stressful, especially if you don’t know all of the ins and outs of tax law – and the only people who know that won’t be searching for tax preparers in the first place.

So where can you can go to ensure that you get the most back for your tax returns? In many places, you have to go to some of the “big name” companies where you are nothing more than a number. Luckily, Richmond has quite a few smaller businesses that are willing to give you the personal attention you need. Try some of these local companies:

1. Fisher Tax Service

Fisher Tax Service was founded by Jason Fisher, a man who wanted to give back to the

Credit: Fisher

community by providing them with some of the highest quality tax prep around. He warns that preparing your own taxes can be “disastrous” because it could lead to you not getting enough money back, not paying enough so that you have to pay fines later on, or it could mean that you just don’t get your taxes finished in time.

With Fisher Tax Service, you’ll have a great person behind you to prepare your taxes, deal with any tax problems, and have someone to counsel you on tax decision.

2. Rue & Associates

Credit: Rue & Associates

The team from Rue & Associates is a great team that will help people in Richmond VA, Mechanicsville, Hanover, Henrico or just outside of Virginia with their tax returns. They will ensure that your returns are filed in a timely manner and that you will get your returns back as quickly as possible. Their services will include federal, state, and local taxes for businesses and individuals.

With their system, your taxes will be completed in an efficient, secure, and simplified manner so that you understand what is happening, what you owe, and what you are owed. Their “Certified Public Accountants and business advisors work closely with you to identify every opportunity to save you money.”

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, you will be able to work with Rue & Associates on your taxes.

3.W & H Tax Service

One of the longest serving tax preparing firms in Richmond, W & H Tax Service is another

Credit: W & H

easy choice to make if you have tax needs. Winston Macon, EA is the primary tax preparer at W & H, and he was employed by the IRS for 27 years. He was “a Tax Auditor, IRS Agent, IRS Agent Manager and Project Manager before retiring as Chief of the Quality Measurement Staff.”

He started his business in 1995, and since then he has become one of the local favorite tax preparers in Richmond. Winston doesn’t rest on his laurels, however. Instead, he continues to learn and grow as a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, Virginia Society of Enrolled Agents, National Association of Tax Professionals, National Society of Tax Professionals, and the Better Business Bureau.

4. DeBerry Financial Services

Credit: DeBerry

DeBerry Financial Services is a local accounting and tax firm that serves all of the Greater Richmond Area for their individual and business tax needs. Their team specialized in helping you with investments and filing your taxes. They can also help with accounting, payroll, bookkeeping or tax return services.

If you need help with returns from another state, this is definitely the company the turn to, as they work with returns in all out of state areas. They can also help you with tax amendments and changes, which can get extremely confusing.

This company has been in business since 1981, creating generations of people who trust their skills.

5. The Tax Complex

According to their website, “The Tax Complex offers tax compliance, accounting, and

Credit: The Tax Complex

planning services for individuals, trusts, estates, businesses, and charitable institutions. The Tax Complex does not sell, endorse, or receive commissions from investment vehicles, mutual funds, or insurance products.”

This team of professionals can easily help you with any of the more complicated facets of tax preparation, from charitable organization returns to court accountings. If you have something that you believe to be a little outside of the ordinary or a little left of center, this is definitely that company you want to reach out to for help.

6. EW Moore & Company

Credit: EW Moore

EW Moore & Company will treat you like you are their only customer, that is how personalized their service is. They have a lot to live up to, as they are currently in their second generation of tax preparation in the Richmond area. With over 30 years of experience, they have client relationships that have lasted that long, even if they no longer live in the area.

They make it their priority to keep up with the ever-changing tax code and keeping up to date on the newest tips and tricks for tax prep, filing, and returns. Their goal is to make everything as seamless as possible for you, and they’ve done it for so many already.

7. The Tax Centre

If you are looking for a tax preparation company in Richmond that also cares about the

The Tax Centre Inc

Credit: Tax Centre

environment and won’t give you a stack of papers that you just have to keep in a file folder. Instead, The Tax Centre will give you other options that don’t include damaging papers. They are also one of the only tax preparers in Richmond that are specifically trained to help deaf or hard of hearing clients.

Some of their services for all clients include: individual tax services, small business tax services, accounting, book keeping, and year-round services.

Even better they, “we place an emphasis on INTEGRITY and quality of service. As a condition of our ENROLLED AGENT certification, we participate in a rigorous quality control program which includes peer reviews of our tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and auditing practices.”

Put Your Tax Return to Use

While the appeal of using your tax return to put a down payment on a new car, take a cruise, or just go out to eat every night for a week is strong, you may also consider putting your tax return to good use this year. At Ridgeline Tree Service, we recommended that you take some of that to invest in the safety of your home and outdoor space.

Spring is coming and it would be beneficial to have a safety inspection done on your trees and to have any trees that didn’t quite make it through the winter removed as soon as possible.

Give us a call and we can give you a free estimate for anything you need as well as walk you through the process for any questions you have.

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