Preparing for Fall: 8 Companies to Reach Out to in Richmond

Thought this September is still quite warm, fall and autumn are just around the corner, and when they hit, it will be a shock. There is a lot to do during the fall months, from going to football games to raking leaves, from picking pumpkins to cleaning out your gutters. For many of us, fall can be a somewhat stressful time of playing taxi for our kids, attempting to be a good fan of whatever team we root for, and managing our properties.

Luckily, Richmond is filled with companies and businesses that are willing to help you prepare for fall in many different ways:

1. Chapel Valley Landscaping

Autumn is a great time of the year for landscaping because there is so much that you can

Credit: Chapel Valley

Credit: Chapel Valley

do differently to stand apart from the rest of your neighborhood. Chapel Valley is a large Richmond landscaper that can handle jobs of any size, residential or commercial.

They have a ton of services to offer, but their landscape installation services stand above the rest. They will work with concrete and stone (hardscaping) and with the individual plants themselves – whether you want something for fall or you want to start planning out next spring already, now is the time to start planning.

No matter what you want, this highly educated team will be there to work with you to develop something that is truly special.

2. Lloyd Family Farms

Credit: Lloyd Family Farms

Credit: Lloyd Family Farms

Nothing screams autumn quite like taking your entire family to Lloyd Family Farms. They have a wide selection of activities that are fun for everyone and will really bring you into the fall spirit. For adults, they have mum sales and decorations. For adults and children, they have hay rides, a corn maze, tours of a working Paso Fino horse farm, food trucks, and a pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins.  For children, they have pony rides, face painting, petting zoos, and a lot of little activities.

Starting on October 10, they will be open daily from 9 AM to dusk. It is a great place to enjoy a day out with the kids or just by yourself to get some great decorations for your yard.

3. Cross Creek Nursery

Cross Creek Nursery is a local favorite that has “just about everything” you could want to

Credit: Cross Creek

Credit: Cross Creek

bring your yard to life this autumn. From plants and shrubs that will bring beautiful color into your yard to mulch and fertilizers to protect them from the months to come, this is a DIY yardwork fan’s dream stop.

But the reason they are great for fall is something a little more fun. They offer up a selection of Fall Classes to help make the months more creative and easier. From planting classes to floral arrangements, they offer a wide variety for adults and children. Make sure to check out their website for the classes because you have to register for some.

If you look around, you will also be able to take advantage of their beautiful outdoor decorations – including scarecrows.

4. Curbside Leaf Removal

Credit: Curbside

Credit: Curbside

The magic behind Curbside Leaf Removal is explained pretty clearly on their website: “We run a Ford F-750 truck chassis with 4 cylinder vacuum engine that delivers over 20,000 CFM through a 15″ hose. The leaves are sucked into a 30 yard cylindrical body with built-in hydraulic compactor. So just when things are filling up… we are able to compress those leaves and keep on rolling!”

This is a small family business that has grown over the years and is now one of the most successful companies around. They achieved this by providing high-quality work for their customers. They will pick up leaves that you have raked or they will use their manpower and blowers to clear your yard and then pick up the leaves. If you have a commercial property or multiple lots, you might even be able to get some discounts.

Don’t wait – as soon as you have enough leaves to rake up, give them a call.

5. Integrity Pool & Spa

Once the leaves start to fall and you have to clear out your skimmer more than once per

Credit: Integrity

Credit: Integrity

day, you know it is time to close your pool. If this is your first time doing that, or you just hate it, you might want to some help to make your job just a little bit easier – or a lot easier.

Integrity Pool and Spa can help you with closing your pool so that you don’t mess it up and have a mess on your hands in the early summer months.

According to their website, their closing packages include backwashing the filter system, emptying skimmer baskets, emptying pump baskets, lowering the water level, removing plugs, winterizing filters, winterizing pumps, winterizing heaters, removing timer stops, removing automatic cleaner, installing winter cover, removing fixtures, and advising on any needed repairs. This is a comprehensive package that includes just about everything you could need.

6. Chiles Peach Orchard

Credit: Chiles

Credit: Chiles

Picking your own apples and berries is one of the best parts of the autumn season. Everything is fresh and high quality, and you get a little bit of exercise in the process. Even better, you get to make memories with a significant other, friends, or family. Chiles Peach Orchard is a local orchard that is open to any of the above coming in and picking their produce.

The staff is highly educated and will show you where, when, and how to pick the fruit so that it is high quality. If you want, you are able to call ahead to get the report about whether or not the produce is ready for picking. You can also just pick up what you want from their store.

If you are up for a more immersive experience, try out the tasting room.

7. Dodson Pest Control

If you are outside and you hear something go bump in the night, it might be a bat. Once

Credit: Dodson

Credit: Dodson

the nights start getting cooler and darker, you might find yourself with a bit of a problem. Dodson Pest Control is a local, family owned business that can help to eliminate fall pests from your property.

They are widely trusted to be one of the best exterminators in Richmond and beyond – they have expanded quite a bit. No matter what pests you have, they will be able to work with you. Call them as soon as possible if you do notice a problem. If you don’t notice a problem, you might want to get an inspection just in case.

Don’t forget, the start of fall also means back to school, which could mean bed bugs – so you are better safe than sorry.

8. Ridgeline Tree Service

Credit: Ridgeline

Credit: Ridgeline

At the end of the day, the stars of the autumn season are your trees. Ridgeline Tree Services knows that a lot of problems you face during the fall months comes trees – dead or dying branches might make themselves apparent, trees may fall, or you might have pest problems.

At Ridgeline we can help you remove problem trees before they become too big of a problem. We can also help with things like removing stumps, pruning your trees so that the leaves don’t fall in places they shouldn’t (like on a pool cover), and tree risk assessment.

Don’t Wait Until Winter For Our Help

By the time winter hits, your trees are going to pose a risk to the safety of your home, everyone in it, your neighbors, and your car. Give us a call today and we will be able to set up a tree risk assessment for you. During this meeting, we will be able to look at your trees and find any “problem areas” that could pose a threat.

If there are any problems, we will set up an appointment to take care of the problems ourselves. Our team is fully qualified to handle many common problems quickly and efficiently.

To get a free quote on tree risk assessment, give us a call at (804) 378-2900.

Header photo courtesy of Will Fisher on Flickr!


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