Christmas Decor Destinations in Richmond

Christmas wouldn’t really feel like Christmas if you don’t go to see a few lights displays, would it? In Richmond, we are lucky enough to have many, many people who go above and beyond to decorate their yards and businesses with beautiful lights that put us into the Christmas spirit.

Still, there are so many places that have more lights than anyone could put on a house. These places have gone above and beyond, making events out of the Christmas decoration season:

1. Lewis Ginter

Credit: Lewis Ginter

Credit: Lewis Ginter

One of the oldest and most popular traditions in Richmond, the Gardenfest of Lights has over 500,000 Christmas lights displayed to reveal the magic of the season and of nature. This year, the theme is “Wings of Wonder,” so expect to see flying insects, dragonflies, and butterflies in abundance.

Every year, the decorations are gorgeous and defy expectations, making them well worth the walk in the cold. Still make sure you bundle up to avoid getting hit with the worst of the season.

There is a massive Christmas tree with beautiful gold and silver ornaments as well as a train that goes among a frozen landscape. In the Children’s Garden, you can spot a bonfire where your children will get to make s’mores.

The garden is open November 27 through January 11, 2017 from 5 PM to 10 PM.

2. Tacky Lights Tour

Whether or not we are proud of it, Richmond is home to quite a few tacky displays of

Credit: James River

Credit: James River

holiday lights. So much so that it has been featured on many different websites and in newspapers across the country. We’ve even been featured on TV for it.

Luckily, you don’t have to go too far in order to find some of the best tacky lights in Richmond. Be careful where you go and look up the displays, because some of them aren’t always going to be appropriate for children or those who are sensitive.

In order to get the most out of the tour, consider taking a James River Bus Lines tour so that you can hit all of them. There are plenty of other options as well if you want to walk, ride a Segway, or even ride a bike throughout the displays.

3. Christmas on Wendherst

Credit: Christmas on Wendherst

Credit: Christmas on Wendherst

For a little bit of fun in the warmth of your car and more out in the elements, consider going to Christmas on Wendherst.

Everyone will love this Christmas celebration where you can take funny photos, send a letter to Santa, kiss under the mistletoe, figure out some riddles, see thousands of lights, look at beautiful decorations, and even get some treats for your children AND your dog.

The Thomson’s, who are in charge of the lighting displays and events, have captured the imagination of millions of people. They work for seven months for these few weeks so that everything can be of the highest quality. Each and every snowflake is perfectly placed so that they can all be uniform.

4. Natural Tunnel State Park

Natural Tunnel State Park, which is in Duffield, has a different way to see Christmas lights.

Credit: Natural Tunnel

Credit: Natural Tunnel

You get carried by a chairlift that glides you through 100 feet by 850 feet in a tunnel that lines a limestone ridge. Everything is decorated with lights and animations that reflect the season.

People have fallen in love with this tunnel and journey here each and every year. After it is over, you can enjoy caroling and treats while you watch other people go through the tunnel. For those who have children, Santa can also be found at the bottom of the tunnel.

Rides are available Fridays and Saturdays from 6 to 9 p.m.

5. Boat Parades

Credit: Yorktown

Credit: Yorktown

All over the state, you will be able to find boat parades. These are unique to waterside communities alongside the Coastal Virginia, the Potomac River, and on Smith Mountain Lake. Watching lighted vessels glide across the water is a beautiful sight as you are able to see the water light up as well.

Each boat will have a different theme that will make them seem different. You’ll be surprised at how unique these boats are from year to year.

If you miss one, do some research and you will find plenty more.

6. NASCAR Lights

Every Saturday night, your family will get to drive on a NASCAR track and see some of

Credit: Bristol Speedway

Credit: Bristol Speedway

the most beautiful Christmas lights around.

This year, head on over to Bristol Motor Speedway to their Speedway in Lights. As long as you have a valid license, you will be able to drive on the course and take in the beautiful lights. There are also activities where you can walk around as well.

7. Monument Avenue

Credit: Richmond Avenue

Credit: Richmond Avenue

The Richmond History Tours program brings to life some of the homes, residents, and traditions of the area in the Monument Avenue Christmas Event. Each tour is limited, so you do have to reserve your space before you go.

Each tour is led by a trained guide who will not only insert humor and whimsy into the stories of Richmond, he or she will also be able to answer questions about the city’s rich past, present and future.

Christmas Decor in Richmond with Ridgeline Tree Service

If going to any of these events makes you feel like your Christmas decorations are slacking, consider having Ridgeline Tree Service help you out. You can count on our team to build you a Christmas lights display you can be proud of – without lifting a finger.

We will consult with you on the design for your property and then custom build something just for you. Each and every light strand will be applied to your home’s specifications. We use only the highest quality materials and our team has been thoroughly instructed on the safety rules of using Christmas lights.

We also take down and store your decor so that you don’t have to worry about doing that in the cold.

Header photo courtesy of Eli Christman on Flickr!


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