Your Tree Has Died – How to Move On

What happens when your tree dies? This is one of the most common questions that we get as tree care professionals. It isn’t something that we like to think about – we like to see your trees stay healthy. However, everything has a season and so do trees. Trees that have passed away can be […]

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Get Ready for Spring: 5 New Tips for Tree Care

Tree in the springtime.

Spring is a huge time for your trees – they are doing all of the work that they have prepared for over the summer. It is time for them to sprout, grow stronger and taller, and maybe even time for you to plant a few more trees on your property. When it comes to times […]

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What Can I Do With A Dead Tree?

Do you have a dead tree in your yard? For most people, we just allow that dead tree to hang around for a bit until something happens. But you shouldn’t do that – you are putting yourself and your family at risk. Instead, you want to find a tree care company that can help you […]

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How Can I Transplant a Tree?

There are just some things in life that you don’t want to move, and a large tree is one of those things. Regardless if you have paid for a new tree already or you want to transplant a tree from somewhere else in your yard, transferring a tree is a strenuous task that requires care. […]

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How to Prevent Tree Roots from Growing Into Your Lawn

Tree roots are typically a sign that everything is going right with your trees. If they are visible, many people believe that they can better monitor them for any problems. While that is true in some aspects, tree roots that grow into your lawn can be a huge problem – not only are they unsightly, […]

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4 Ways to Identify Tree Fungi in Richmond, VA

If there is one thing that can put the fear into the hearts of any tree specialist, it is a tree fungus. Especially in Virginia, tree fungi can lead to the total devastation of your trees and even the other plants in your yard. When you keep it untreated, the fungus will render your tree […]

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