7 Best Places in Richmond to Find Yard Decorations

In Richmond, Virginia, you will notice quite a few things when you drive down the street – people take care of each other, everyone is very friendly, and we definitely like to take care of our yards. One of the best ways to tell what someone’s yard is going to be like is to look at their lawn decorations. At Ridgeline Tree Service, we love when people show off their personality by adding unique and fun decorations. Sick of the same old same lawn dressings? Try out these places to get your yard to be one of the best on the block:

1. Charlie’s Antiques

Charlie’s Antiques, located in Williamsburg, carries a vast

Credit: Charlie's Antiques

Credit: Charlie’s Antiques

array of bronze statues and

marble statues to add an opulent accent to your yard. They also have a wide variety of bronze, marble, and concrete water fountains that would look great outside of any home – many sizes available! If huge statues aren’t your taste (or they are too big for your yard), Charlie’s also offers up a bunch of really cool planters and smaller decorative items.

If you see something you like, act fast, because a lot of these items are once-in-a-lifetime chances to purchase.

2. Plow & Hearth

Photo Credit: Plow & Hearth

Photo Credit: Plow & Hearth

Though Plow & Hearth has steadily started to expand, the employees and unique selections available in this store makes it feel like a smaller boutique. The company has locations all over Virginia and the surrounding states, and you can make purchases online.

For anyone who loves arbors, trellises, and other fun stand-alone pieces, this is a great place to shop. There are a TON of other options here as well, from little decorations for fairy gardens to quilts to padding for your outdoor furniture, the possibilities are really endless.

You should also make sure that you take advantage of their sales when they have them, as you can get some real bargains.

3. Featherstone Forge

Credit: Featherstone Forge

Credit: Featherstone Forge

In Virginia, we are so lucky to have a lot of artists that are willing to share their talents with

us and give us one of a kind art installations for our yards. Hunter Perkinson at Featherstone Forge is an artist that not only makes art, but he makes outdoor art based on the beauty of nature. He has many premade items that he can sell you, or you can commission a wrought-iron item. All of his work is done on-site in Mineral, VA.

As a bonus, they also hold workshops so you would be able to (maybe) learn how to create something entirely on your own.

4. The Great Big Greenhouse

Credit: Great Big Greenhouse

Credit: Great Big Greenhouse

While searching around for plants and trees at this absolutely massive greenhouse and store in Richmond, you may want to consider looking at their vast array of lawn decorations, including concrete statues. All of the statues at the Great Big Greenhouse are manufactured by Massarelli’s, so you know that they are of the highest quality.

The Great Big Greenhouse has a ton of different statues that will fit any taste. From gargoyles to fountains to religious statues, there is pretty much something for anyone here. Of course, while you are at it you can look through their assortment of other traditional and ageless or fun and funky lawn decorations.

5. Harper’s Statuary and Water Gardens

Credit: Harper's

Credit: Harper’s

Specializing in making your yard look absolutely unique, Harper’s Statuary and Water Gardens has just about everything you need – from statues that will remind you of your favorite pet to kitschy statues that will draw out laughs.

The real stand out here, however, are the absolutely gorgeous water gardens. From ponds to waterfalls to everything in between, they create a truly gorgeous sight for your yard, and an even better sound. When you combine the water gardens with their statues, you are going to have the best garden in the city.

6. Governor’s Antiques

Credit: Governor's Antiques

Credit: Governor’s Antiques

For anyone who really likes to go outside of the norm and do something a little unexpected or funky, Governor’s Antiques in Mechanicsville, VA is a fantastic option. Governor’s isn’t the place to go if you want to just walk up and down aisles. Instead, you are going to have to be willing to get a little dirty, do a little digging, and do a LOT of walking.

Though not everything is suitable for the outdoors, their 45,000 square foot complex is absolutely bursting with materials – and they keep coming! From planters and plaques to pavers and wrought iron fencing, there is an eclectic mix of stuff here. You can even take something like an old Victorian bathtub (they have plenty) and make it into a flower garden! Your imagination (and willingness to put in some elbow grease) is the limit here.

7. Cross Creek Nursery

Credit: Crosscreek

Credit: Crosscreek

If you are more of a “one stop shop” person when it comes to decorating your yard, Cross Creek Nursery is a great place to look for just about everything you’ll need in your yard, including plants, mulch, fertilizers, and lawn ornaments. They have a great selection of just about everything and are more than willing to talk you through your purchases.

Even better, they have a TON of events for you and your family to enjoy. When the holidays come, their selection of unique and beautiful outdoor decorations cannot be beat.

Protect Your Lawn Decorations With Richmond, VA Tree Care

After you’ve spent all of that time, effort, and money getting your yard looking exactly how you want it, you need to protect those lawn ornaments. Nothing is worse than a fallen tree limb through a wrought iron fence or a crushed statue under the weight of a fallen tree. Don’t even think about the impact tons of leaves sitting on top of these items will do after a few weeks!

At Ridgeline Tree Service, we want to make the natural part of your yard look as beautiful as possible with manicured and safe trees. Our team of certified arborists work diligently to ensure that your trees are healthy, beautiful, and will be able to withstand the test of time.

We serve Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas, so if that fits you, give us a call today at (804) 378-2900 for a free estimate on our services.

Header photo courtesy of Lee Down on Flickr!


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