8 Pool Companies in Richmond, VA

Having a pool in your backyard is pretty much the wish of every family – they give you some privacy if you really aren’t all that comfortable showing off your body in a swimming suit, they tend to be more sanitary, they are extremely handy, and they allow you to familiarize your child with water in a gentle way.

Plus, they help save a lot of money on air conditioning and electricity bills.

But pools are a big investment. It doesn’t matter if you get an above ground or an inground pool, it is still a lot of money. That’s why you need to ensure that your investment will last for a long time. Going with a company that has a great reputation for quality installations and materials is a great way to start. We recommend these pool companies in Richmond:

1. Poolworks

Fifty years is a long time, and that’s the amount of time that the Poolworks team has been

Credit: Poolworks

Credit: Poolworks

installing pools. Focusing on inground pools and spas, they have some of the best selections for the size and shape for your pool. If you have an oddly shaped lot, it might be best to go with a company that not only creates a pool that is unique and fits your space, but will actually work well too. That’s where experience comes in: a lot of people can create pools in odd shapes, but if the water flow isn’t perfect, it spells disaster.

If you already have a pool that just needs a little bit of work, they do renovations as well.

2. Pla-Mor Pools

Credit: Pla-Mor

Credit: Pla-Mor

Pla-Mor is a bit of an experience. They work a lot with things for outdoor living, including grills, cleaners, and yes, pools. Their pools offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to above ground or in-ground pools. If you already have a pool and something has gone wrong or it is just too old, they can also update it in order to save you some money.

The team is extremely friendly and will walk you through every step of the process in order to get you the pool that you want. Not only that, but they carry a full line of the tools, chemicals, and equipment that you will need to keep your pool running for a long time. This is a company that after they install your pool, you can keep returning to them for help and support.

3. Douglas Aquatics

The pools at Douglas Aquatics are some of the best you will be able to find in the

Credit: Douglas Aquatics

Credit: Douglas Aquatics

Richmond, VA area. In fact, their pools have won awards from the Master Pools Guild, Aqua Magazine, and Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. They’ve had 45 years to perfect their skills, and it definitely shows when you see some of their work.

If you have a truly unique vision for your pool, the designers at Douglas Aquatics will work with you in order to make that dream become a reality. From the first designs to the last few inches of water, they oversee everything to ensure that you get a top notch experience.

4. Luxury Pool & Spa

Credit: Luxury Pool & Spa

Credit: Luxury Pool & Spa

Luxury Pool & Spa is one of the only pool companies in Richmond that works with Radiant Pools – which are above ground pools that have all of the class and elegance of inground pools. They are also much easier to take care of than traditional above ground pools. These pools are great for people who think they are going to have a problem because of the slope of their yards.

Luxury Pool & Spa also sells and installs above ground pools, in-ground pools, pool supplies, and of course spas.

5. JoPa Pools

JoPa Company is the type of pool installation company that you want to work with over

Credit: JoPa

Credit: JoPa

and over again. They take your ideas about an inground pool and help guide you toward making that dream a reality. They explain things to you in plain English, understand your needs, and work to stay on budget. With each step, they will give you details about what is happening, why it is happening, and how long it will take.

They can do this because they have decades of experience in crafting in-ground pools for families all over Virginia. By only employing the best of the best, they ensure that their work is always excellent.

6. Ultimate Pools

Credit: Ultimate Pools

Credit: Ultimate Pools

Ultimate Pools sees creating a pool like an artform. Of course, they are willing to work with you on the size and shape of your pool, but they also want to create something more. From adding in lighting to the bottom of your pool, creating a seating area for a bar, putting a waterfall into the side, or even creating your own cave, they’ve been able to do it all. Their pools are the kinds that everyone wants to copy, but few have been able to live up to the expectations. Even better, they do it all with energy efficient equipment and the newest materials.

If something cookie cutter isn’t for you, Ultimate Pools might just be the way to go.


7. Medallion Pools

Medallion Pools is the company of choice for so many contractors. Their inground, above

Credit: Medallion

Credit: Medallion

ground, and spa collection makes it easy to get a high-quality pool that will last a long time. Every single piece of equipment that you’ll get from Medallion pools is extremely high quality and will last a long time – much longer than other companies.

They can also build those lap pools that allow you to exercise without hurting your joints.

8. Integrity Pool & Spa

Credit: Integrity

Credit: Integrity

With a name like Integrity Pool & Spa, you know that you are going to be getting some of the highest quality workmanship around. They will build you pools that are absolutely gorgeous and work extremely well. Not only that, but they will be around for every step of the process. From the design of the pool to the opening and closing of it on a yearly basis, they are there.

If you are looking for something that is a little more full-service, Integrity might be the way to go.

Call Ridgeline Tree Service

Nothing ruins a fun day in the pool like shade. Or leaves floating around and making the pool turn green. Or a branch crashing into the pool during a summer storm. Pools are great and trees are great too, but just not when they are combined.

Whether you need to have trees and stumps removed in order to make room for the pool or you want to trim your branches back so that you have more sunlight, Ridgeline Tree Service will be there to help you. Not only that, but we can help you assess your trees to see that they are safe to stay around your tree – especially after heavy construction.

Give us a call today and we can give you a free estimate for the work you need.

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