8 Places to Buy a Christmas Tree in Richmond

Everyone wants to get a Christmas tree that they can be proud of this year. Christmas is such a special time and it deserves to have the best decorations you can get. Instead of going to your local supermarket or a corner lot, consider supporting a local Christmas Tree Farm.

When you support a local business, not only do you keep your money in our community, but you pay for Christmas presents for children that you can actually see grow up. Your money will turn into a bike for the little girl down the street or a baseball glove for the little boy who misses the ball during the baseball game. It all goes back into your community, which is priceless.

1. Chesterfield Berry Farm

Credit: Chesterfield

Credit: Chesterfield

Chesterfield Berry Farm Market is a great place to go during any season. As you may remember, it was just a terrifying hayride and now it is a winter wonderland ready for you and your family.

The Fraser Firs sold at Chesterfield Berry Farm (CBF to those in the know) are grown in Virginia, so you are keeping it local. They have trees ranging from tiny tabletop trees of 3 feet all the way up to 13+ feet for your home.  Make sure to check their coupon page for special deals or just walk around to see what they have.

They also sell greenery to decorate the rest of your home!

2. Sneed’s Nursery

Getting a tree from Sneed’s Nursery is a great experience. They will walk you through the

Credit: Sneed's

Credit: Sneed’s

process of choosing a tree that will fit into your home. You can talk to them about how much maintenance you want to put into your purchase or how big of a space you have.

Then they will help you wrap it up and get it ready for transportation to your home.

As an added bonus, you can buy all of the decorations that you need as well, including ornaments, wreaths, garland, and some surprising additions.

3. Jaycees Christmas Tree Lot

Credit: Jaycee's

Credit: Jaycee’s

If you are in a hurry and want to buy your tree from a lot, you can at least make your money go toward people in need. The Jaycees Christmas Tree Lot that pops up every year and it open for weekends donates a large portion of their proceeds to charity. For fifty years, they have been donating money to their Holiday Shopping Tour for underprivileged local children.

The process is fairly quick and the staff is there to help you get your tree to your car and make it fit. They’ll do all of the cutting and the organizing so you don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure that you bring cash, as they haven’t accepted credit cards in previous years.

4. Azalea Garden Center

If you need a tree that is a little off in size, you might want to consider heading to

Credit: Azalea's

Credit: Azalea

the Azalea Garden Center. They have super small trees that you can just put on the table and they also have 12+ footers that are gorgeous. Most of their trees, if not all, are Fraser Firs.

The team there is also really knowledgeable about different types of trees so you will be able to have a discussion about the maintenance and clean-up of it. For those who want to know, they can also talk about their green growing guide.

As an added bonus, Azalea Garden Center is one of the only places where they will still help you get your tree secured to your car.

5. The Great Big Greenhouse

Credit: Great Big Greenhouse

Credit: Great Big Greenhouse

We’ve talked about The Great Big Greenhouse before because they provide a lot of great services for the area. Of course, they have amazing trees that you will be able to keep up for an extended period of time, but you probably already knew that. What you don’t know is that they have a whole winter village set up to make your trip memorable.

Some of the additions they have include Santa (a classic), a train, games with prizes, decorations, and poinsettias that are bursting with color.

Just walking around The Great Big Greenhouse is a great way to get everyone in your family into the festive spirit. Make sure you bring a jacket, however, because it can get cold.

6. Lloyd Family Farms

Lloyd Family Farms is just a special place to be this holiday season. You will love the


Credit: Lloyd

wide selection of trees that you can pick from, and your children will love all of the activities.

“Visit our horses,” says Lloyd Family Farms’ website. “Sometimes they smile when they smell peppermint on your breath!”

Animals, of course, are the big hit, but the holiday treats and the hot chocolate add to the appeal for most children.

If you need a specific tree over 11 feet or you want a fruit-adorned wreath, you’ll have to give them a call beforehand, but they can get you what you need.

7. Windy Knoll Farms

Credit: Windy

Credit: Windy

If you are looking for a tree that is a little outside of the normal, Windy Knoll Farm might be the place for you to go. They sell absolutely gorgeous White Pines with long needles or easy to take care of Scotch Pines with short needles.

You’ll be able to cut down your own tree. In fact, that is what is expected. Upon arrival, “you will be greeted, given a hand bow saw, and offered a wagon ride to the fields.” The trees you have to choose from are gorgeous and hand trimmed, so you know they are the best of the best.

8. Olde Church Christmas Tree Farm

Finally, we couldn’t end our list without talking about the Olde Church Christmas Tree Farm. Here too you will be able to pick out your own tree and cut it down. Of course, if you

Credit: Olde Church

Credit: Olde Church

aren’t too sure about that, the staff will help you.

According to their website, “Free tree shaking for a clean tree. Trees wrapped in netting for easy transport and twin provided for tying your tree to your vehicle.”

You can bring your entire family, including your dog as long as he or she is on a leash.

Ridgeline Tree Service Keeps You Looking Great This Year

During the holiday season, people tend to stop by your home more often than they do other times of the year. You have to have everything on the inside perfect, but many people forget that everyone looks at the outside of your home as well.

Make sure that you have everything nicely trimmed and taken care of so that people get a good opinion of your home. Not only that, but you will be able to hang your lights with pride and not have to worry about if people see the unevenness of your shrubbery or the shaky branch that dangles over them on the walkway.

At Ridgeline Tree Service, we can take care of that. We’ll get your trees ready for the holiday season and ready for the cold weather ahead. Give us a call now and we can give you a free estimate for your work.

Header photo courtesy of Nick Bramhall on Flickr!


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