7 Places for Patio Furniture in Richmond, VA

There was a time when a folding beach chair, a towel, or nothing at all was enough to keep you comfortable while you sat outside for hours at a time. However, as we’ve aged, we have all realized that isn’t the truth anymore. Our backs, our legs, our knees, and even our butts don’t really like the feeling of sitting on concrete or grass for long stretches of time – and let’s not even talk about the sounds we make trying to get out of those beach chairs.

Patio furniture is really the way to go for outdoor seating, especially when you have a variety of people who want to sit outside. It is durable, resistant to stains, and usually easy to clean. But all patio furniture isn’t created equal – and these local businesses provide some of the best to the Richmond, VA area:

1. JoPa

Credit: JoPa

Credit: JoPa

For the last 55 years, JoPa has been one of the premiere places to look for patio furniture in the Central Virginia area. Focusing mainly on casual furniture, they have a wide variety of looks and feels that range from perfect for families with growing children to slightly fancier furniture that would be great for those who entertain.

You can buy pieces individually or by the set.

A lot of their furniture is on their website, but they also have a few options to look at while you are at their physical location. Still, they have deep connections and tons of options from manufacturers all over.

2. Bon Air

Credit: Bon Air

Credit: Bon Air

If you have ever driven around the Richmond area, you’ve probably noticed the neon colored Adirondack chairs at Bon Air. While that isn’t everyone’s style, though they are certainly comfortable and great for enjoying a good book, Bon Air has even more inside that might catch your attention.

The team is one of the nicest teams in any retail establishment. They actually care about their customers and what they want, working tirelessly to find the exact details that you want – whether it is a material, a look, or even a color. Their furniture is all high quality and built to last.

If you need something a little out of the ordinary, you might want to start your search here.

3. Exterior Amenities

For truly luxurious patio furniture, Exterior Amenities is a great choice. Their furniture isn’t

Credit: Exterior Amenities

Credit: Exterior Amenities

the kind you will find at any other location, in fact, it is furniture like you probably haven’t seen before. Instead of just being useful, these pieces are works of art that look and feel great.

Most of their furniture falls into the more contemporary grade, without all of the frills and decorative pieces that you find in more traditional furniture.

Do note that while some of this furniture is a bit more of the expensive side, it will surely last you a long time and make you the envy of so many of your neighbors.

4. Hearth & Patio Shoppe

Credit: Hearth and Plow Shoppe

Credit: Hearth and Plow Shoppe

The Hearth and Patio Shoppe might sound like another store that sells patio furniture, but you are definitely not going to get a similar situation with this one. You will get unique items that your neighbors won’t be able to go buy very easily. The staff here knows what they are selling so there won’t be any surprises.

This business also builds patios and outdoor kitchens, so you know they know their way around great patio furniture. From tables and chairs to singular seats, they run the gamut in what they sell.

Wood, wicker, aluminum, and iron, it doesn’t matter what you want, they sell it all!

5. Williamsburg Wicker & Patio

Credit: Williamsburg Wicker

Credit: Williamsburg Wicker

While the name of Williamsburg Wicker & Patio contains the word “wicker,” we are going to highlight the teak instead. Teak furniture isn’t something that we have talked about yet in this article, but it is definitely something that a lot of people look for when outfitting their patios.

You’ve probably heard about this location before, partly because of the amazing customer service that they offer. The other reason is one they say best on their website: “We’ve been creating favorite indoor and outdoor spaces for over 28 years. We’re here to help: we offer a huge in-stock selection, highly discounted prices, and free design consultation!”

Of course, they also have a fantastic selection of wicker.

6. The Freckled Frog

No matter what technological advancements there have been, very few pieces of furniture

Credit: Freckled Frog

Credit: Freckled Frog

can stand up to the quality of the Amish furniture sold at The Freckled Frog. Their furniture is simple and comfortable, great for homes that have growing children that will make messes, sit on them wet and muddy, and even put their feet up time and again.

If you have the room for it, we recommend getting a hanging swing on your front porch – just like on TV, there are a ton of great conversations and moments that can happen there.

They also come in a variety of colors, which makes them great for homes that would like to add that pop of color to an otherwise drab yard.

7. Summer Classics

Credit: Summer Classics

Credit: Summer Classics

With great sales, Summer Classics is another place to find some of the best patio furniture around. They have a ton of options in so many different styles that it is almost overwhelming at times.

If you are looking for pieces that can be customized, you are in luck with this company. From the fabrics that they use on the cushions to the finishes of the tables, you have the choice to get what you want.

They also have some of the best, longest lasting wicker around – so if that is your taste, start here.

Stay in the Shade or in the Sun

It doesn’t matter where you put your patio set, chances are that you are going to have some interference with trees. For some people, trees need to be in place so that there is shade and protection from the elements. For others, trees are in the way and should be cleared.

At Ridgeline Tree Service, we provide all of those services and more. We want to create a space in your backyard where you are able to sit and reflect on the beauty of nature – not become annoying with the nuisances that come from it.

Give us a call today at (804) 378-2900 to set up an appointment so that you have the perfect place for that patio set.

Header photo courtesy of David Blaikie on Flickr!


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