9 Hardscaping Companies in Richmond

A yard full of greenery and plants is great – you can admire them, give back to nature, and for the most part, let them be. However, in order for most people to be able to take advantage of the space in their yard, hardscaping is necessary.

Hardscaping is an all-encompassing term that includes anything in your yard that is made up of inorganic material. This means your driveway, walkways, ponds, pools, patios, arbors, and much more. These items are often huge investments and, therefore, need to be taken seriously.

You have to do the research on these companies to get the best possible results with great craftsmanship and elements that will last a long time. Here are some of the best Richmond hardscaping companies we’ve come across:

1. Richmond Hardscaping


Credit: Richmond

Today, one of the most popular hardscaping elements is the fire pit. It is so popular because it extends the life of your yard into fall and winter, giving you a cozy place to gather. It is also just a really cool element to have.

Some people who are handy like to go to Richmond Hardscaping because they provide the materials for building a fire pit by yourself. They will also work with you to design and install one, which is probably the better choice for most people.

2. Commonwealth Curb Appeal

If you have a blank canvas, you might want to go to a hardscaping company that will help

Credit: Commonwealth

Credit: Commonwealth

you draft from the bottom up. Commonwealth Curb Appeal is one of those companies. Absolutely filled with talented people who want to help you create a beautiful space, they work with you every step of the way.

They are willing to work with you on everything – even if it is a project that you started and couldn’t finish. They work on everything from laying brick for a walkway to installing outdoor kitchens.

3. Virginia Hardscape

Credit: Virginia Hardscape

Credit: Virginia Hardscape

Probably two of the biggest types of hardscaping are pools and patios. You really have to look to get the right businesses to work with you on them. Virginia Hardscape designs absolutely beautiful patios and pools. Their work can be classic and elegant or modern and geometric. If you want something that is a little more natural, they can give you that as well. It is really up to you.

Their work speaks for itself. It is consistently unique and interesting without risking the quality of the design or the materials. Since they do both patios and pools, they can work with you on designing elements that flow into each other.

4. Good Neighbor Fence Inc

Good Neighbor Fence Inc is a company that has such good word of mouth that you

Credit: Good Neighbor

Credit: Good Neighbor

almost can’t believe it. They have worked in almost every local neighborhood, building high-quality fences that stand up to the elements.

This company is a premier choice for so many homes because they truly work with you on every element of your fence – from the finishing on the wood to the latches on the gate.

As an added bonus, their team really just seems to be filled with great people.

5. Cross Creek Nursery

Credit: Cross Creek Nursery

Credit: Cross Creek Nursery

It seems like in so many of the lists we create, Cross Creek Nursery ends up on them. Their work is just some of the best you can find and they excel in something that a lot of hardscaping companies have trouble with: they create livable spaces for families. If you have children, you don’t want a space that is filled with dangerous edges or easily breakable tiles. Instead, you want something that they can drive a bike over or color on with chalk.

Talk your ideas over with them and see what they have to say. You might be surprised at what you are able to get done.

6. Eagle Bay Pavers

Pavers make up some of the open space in your yard that you want to be able to utilize for

Credit: Eagle Bay

Credit: Eagle Bay

seating, walking, or just a break in the grass. These areas include walkways, driveways, paths, and patios. Eagle Bay Pavers have a large selection of pavers to choose from, so you don’t have to sacrifice your color schemes or your wants.

Their pavers don’t only end up under your feet, however. You can use them to build walls or steps to add some dimension to your yard.

7. Douglas Aquatics

Credit: Douglas Aquatics

Credit: Douglas Aquatics

Douglas Aquatics is a great company the builds absolutely gorgeous, unique, and long-lasting pools. Their pools have won many awards, including those from Master Pools Guild, Aqua Magazine, and Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

More importantly, they have a fantastic reputation in the area. For the last 45 years, Douglas Aquatics has been the choice of many families who want unique designs and groundbreaking technology.

8. Oak Valley Landscape & Hardscape

Oak Valley Hardscaping is a great resource in the Richmond area if you want to have something that is both beautiful and functional. Their distinctive projects are a direct reflection of their drive to be the best in the Landscape Industry.

The expertise of qualified professionals who have been in the Landscape Design and building industry for more than 30 years is what sets Oak Valley apart from other design-build firms. You will have customized paths, patios, and living spaces that are made from the highest quality.

Even better, you’ll have a designer that can problem solve and make spaces of any size feel massive. They offer customized plans to meet any client’s individual needs. They are willing to work with you as well – they want to hear what you have to say.

9. Stockner’s

Credit: Stockner's

Credit: Stockner’s

If you have a commercial property, Stockner’s is a fantastic place to go for hardscaping. They have designed some of the top commercial properties in Richmond and beyond. Their work is unique, which will help your business stand out and pull attention from your competition.

Not only that, but they will help you to streamline your outdoor area so that you don’t have to focus so much attention on it and you can get back to work.

Ridgeline Tree Services Keeps Your Hardscaping Hardy

Hardscaping adds more maintenance to your yard, that’s just a fact. From leaf cleanup to trimming branches, everything is going to be just a little different. Fortunately, Ridgeline Tree Service can help you keep up maintenance so that your hardscaping stays perfect for years.

But that’s not all, we will be with you from the start. You may also need to do some ground clearing to get that outdoor kitchen or pond. If you give us a call before your hardscaping, we will help you get your land cleared of trees, stumps, shrubs, and branches quickly. We know that time is of the essence, so we will work with you.

Header photo courtesy of Kristin Nador on Flickr!


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