10 Best Fencing Companies in Richmond

When you think about your dream home, there are probably a ton of different things you picture. Maybe you see a pool, a full-size basketball court, a three car garage, three cars to actually go into that garage, heated sidewalks (they exist), or maybe even a company to take care of your trees (those exist too!). When you finish thinking about all of the great things that you don’t need, start thinking about the necessities: walkways, trees, playground equipment, and fences.

Many people only think about fencing when they have kids or get a dog, but the reality is that fences help with safety, appearance, usefulness, and can even help insurance costs.

Want a fence in Richmond? Consider these businesses:

1. Minor’s Fences

Credit: Miner's

Credit: Minor’s

Custom fencing can be really expensive, there’s no denying that. There are plenty of homes where the basics will work just fine, but that isn’t always the case.

In order to take some of the cost burden of custom fencing away, Minor’s Fences has taken to making all of their fences that way. Not only does this save you money, but it allows you to have the best installation possible in a short amount of time.

This team isn’t used to playing or installing by the numbers and after thirty years in business, you know they don’t even need to.

2. Fencing Unlimited

Family owned and operated, Fencing Unlimited started out quite small but started to grow

Credit: Unlimited Fencing

Credit: Unlimited Fencing

bigger and bigger thanks to the fantastic word of mouth all throughout Virginia. With one of the longest warranties for a small company (3 years) and a reputation for going above and beyond, there is a reason why they stand out among giants.

No matter what size, scope, material, or type of fencing you want, Fencing Unlimited can help you with it – they really are unlimited in that way. Even better, they can recommend fencing to you if you are completely lost and just know that you need/want a fence.

3. Seegars Fence Company

Credit: Seegars

Credit: Seegars

For residential, commercial, industrial, or government properties, Seegars Fence Company works extremely hard to impress, no matter how big or small the job. They’ve worked with thousands of clients from all over the Richmond area, not only installing fences, they are changing the looks of these properties. Quality work and great personalities have charmed everyone they’ve worked with so far and if you don’t believe us, just check their ratings around the web.

As an added bonus, they can even do fence repair and maintenance on many different kinds of fencing so that you don’t need to break the budget and get something entirely new.

4. Fence Scapes

Whether you need something utilitarian to get the job done or you just want something

Credit: Seegars

Credit: Fence Scapes

ornamental, Fence Scapes will have something that impresses. Not only do their fences look good, but they are extremely sturdy and durable, no matter what you throw at them. They can add in gates, railings, or whatever else you need for that more customized feel as well.

Fence Scapes specializes in creating safe fencing for pools so that you are up to codes and everyone in your neighborhood is safe. There are a ton of rules about pool fencing that a lot of people don’t understand or even really know about – but they’ll walk you through each and every step.

5. Signature Fence, Inc

Credit: Signature Fence

Credit: Signature Fence

Commercial fencing installation also requires a special touch so that you won’t be sued just in case anything goes wrong. Most people don’t think that every part of a property has to live up to local regulations, so they think they can just hire anyone.

That’s not the case.

Signature Fence won’t only educate you about the requirements for a fence around your business, but they will try to find solutions that you can work with for each of your stipulations. It will be like walking on a tightrope between your wants and the needs of the local government, but if anyone can do it, Signature Fence can.

6. Hurricane Fence Company

If you’ve been to a strip mall, housing development, or even just walked down your street,

Credit: Hurricane

Credit: Hurricane

chances are that you’ve seen a fence from Hurricane Fence Company. Some of the biggest companies to ever come to the Richmond area have chosen them to outfit their properties, so why shouldn’t you?

The answer is simple that you should at least consider them.

If you are looking for fencing that will help you with security, Hurricane Fence Company is really the best way to go. They don’t only work on industrial and commercial properties, either – they have residential options that are just as secure.

7. Good Neighbor Fence Inc

Credit: Good Neighbor

Credit: Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor Fence Inc is another company that just has such good word of mouth from nearly every client. They take their time to ensure you know what you are getting, you are getting what you want, and you are happy with the final product.

Which you will be, because they’ve included you in every step of the process.

The team is so friendly and considerate of everyone around, they try to save noisy parts of the project for the afternoon, they understand your schedule, and they always account for any problems. Plus they clean up after themselves so you can start enjoying your new yard right away.

8. Richmond Fence and Deck

Credit: Richmond Fence and Deck

Credit: Richmond Fence and Deck

More often than not, a fence and deck will be purchased together, usually because someone just purchased a pool. If this is the case for you, it will be easier to hire a company that does both. You’ll likely save money, time, hassle, and stress.

You’ll also probably get a better looking final project because there won’t be a mixture of tools and styles.

Richmond Fence and Deck is a great company that does some pretty innovative stuff with wood.

9. Hercules Fence

Credit: Hercules Fences

Credit: Hercules Fence

Another company that started small and expanded thanks to their great customer service, Hercules Fence has six different offices so that they can handle their workloads. They have so much experience between the team members of all locations that there are very few problems they’ll encounter that they can’t solve. They work with nearly every type of fence, so if you have any questions, give them a call.

If you want to take the DIY route, you can even just order materials from them – though if you don’t have experience building fences, we wouldn’t recommend that.

10. Fence Me In Richmond

Called “Richmond’s most affordable aluminum fencing provider,” Fence Me In Richmond

Credit: Fence Me In

Credit: Fence Me In

provides all that and more for any kind of budget. They will work with what you already have to create something unique or they will find a fence that doesn’t compromise your vision but stays on budget.

This company is all about your happiness before, during, and after the installation. They are so nice and personable, but still smart about their work. Their customer service and their fences ought to be commended.

Let Us Help You Too

Once a fence has been installed, you will need to do some work to keep up with the maintenance. While most fences are low maintenance, they still have a few downfalls. Most of those problems come from trees.

Falling branches, debris, and roots can all spell the end of a fence. At Ridgeline Tree Service, we’ve seen too many fences reach a sad end because of a tree. We can help you with troubleshooting before you get a fence, clean up your yard so that installation is easier, and keep your trees maintained after the fence so that everything stays beautiful.

No matter what stage of the process you are in, give us a call today.

Header photo courtesy of Ryan and Sarah Deeds on Flickr!


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